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Re: 1964 4 door Malibu - LQ4/T56 build

Originally Posted by Mikes64 View Post
And the fun starts.
Lol, but wait! There's more! I'm further along into it, have to get this thread caught up.

It's already been a steady learning curve on wiring and assembly. I'm used to late model stuff, this is easier and harder at the same time. Rust in light sockets and unwired grounds are getting me. I'm enjoying it and getting some good laughs on po's work.

Quick shot of engine bay as purchased. Going to clean it up soon, there's so much to do I'm seriously struggling with add!

Casting #s on the block says GM 5.0L and 14010201. Shop owner said he thought the engine was original, but when I saw plastic sensors and o2s on the logs, I knew different. Looked up the casting numbers, one site says 80-85 camaro/nova 305, another site says 78-79. Doesn't matter, I kinda know what I'm working with, all good. The way the exhaust sounds I really thought it was a 350. It's very deep and has a high compression pop, when you walk behind the car the exhaust rattles your pant legs. Figured out it's 2" crimped pipe with glass packs, seriously sounds like a 12:1 350 though..

Also got a quick shot of the high dollar hybrid synthetic exhaust hangers, must be a new product, I haven't heard of them. No idea about the angle iron on the frame..

Wife is already green lighting interior stuff as she's got bad allergies and I "think" she likes the car.. She mentioned something about a lot of dust in the interior, she's been checking it out. This could lead to good things!

It's got brand new tires all the way around! Super cheap chinese 14's, more tread for testing purposes!
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