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Originally Posted by modchevelle View Post
I was a bbc fan true and true but the LS is a engine that will out perform a bbc in my ways. Gas mileage ,dependability and power dollar for dollar. I have basically stock 5.3 except Z06 cam and 80 lb injectors with a $200 Ebay 68mm turbo that will walk by most bbc's. The only thing I have to say is the price of the computer was the highest cost of $1600 but to have 3-4k into it total. Hit the key and drive anywhere like a normal car is far cry from any bbc I ever owned since I was a kid. If I put a bigger turbo and tuned it, the car would run in the 9's no problem. You cant do that for another 1k for a upgrade turbo with a bbc and still drive it around like it was your daddy's stock Silverado.
Just out of curiosity how many miles have you pur with current combo to verify gas mileage and durability? and how many BB's have you wqlked by?
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