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Originally Posted by blue_69_malibu View Post
I see posts like this and I have to scratch my head. The OP has very few posts and is pondering something rather "intense" from a build perspective....yet will NOT race the car.

So I now have to ask the OP: what is the most serious motor that he has built or ridden/driven behind? It's never been easier to get 550 HP out of a 454....or even 475-500 HP out of a small block Chevy.....than it is NOW. 489s can make 600HP standing on their heads. Are you 100% that this is not enough for you?

We take it for granted on this site, but if you put someone behind the wheel of a real 500 HP motor, especially someone who doesn't spend time at the Track, they often wet their pants when that kind of extreme power is applied to the rear tires.

So, before the OP kills himself in a very stout 540 or LS, the question should be (IMHO): Is he 100% sure that a 550 HP 454 or a 600 HP 489 isn't enough for him? Is the OP aware that however much power he makes, he still needs to apply it to the rear wheels.....or it is wasted?

Lastly, while it has never been easier to go LS than it is now, it is still a LOT of work. Much more work than what you see on TV or read in the magazines.

And while many people have been successful installing EFI on SBC or BBC, there is a LOT of up front work involved. If the OP doesn't want to race, is the Juice Worth The Squeeze? In other words, is all the time and effort worth it?
Hmm I guess the most "serious" motor I've been behind would be a built 496 and I agree I don't NEED a 540 or crazy built ls for the purpose of the car however this is what I want for my chevelle. Also I don't mind the work involved to get exactly what I want the car doesn't have to be completed any time soon
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