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I'm so happy for you Mike. Obviously don't know the whole story of what you're going through, but it appears you are handling it. I've REALLY enjoyed your thread and am pretty happy to see more progress and follow it to an awesome conclusion. Hopefully your paint shop works out for you. Although I've had un-expected sheetmetal work, the experience has been good as they are working on it all the time and it isn't sitting in a corner not being worked on. Hopefully you'll get the same treatment. Welcome back.


Originally Posted by Mike McMasters View Post
Well the last year has had some ups and downs and I'm bummed to say the Chevelle has been sitting/stalled for over a year. My close friends are aware of the issues I have been dealing with as far as the car is concerned and Tom F should be charging therapy fees for talking me off the cliff several times over this past year.

The build stalled because I got to the point where I was ready for paint. I had a friend lined up a year and a half ago to paint the car but things happen and people get busy with life. This happened here and left me scrambling to find someone else I trusted to paint the car. I have been all over the map this last year from putting it together as is to the other extreme of being so pissed I considered selling it.

I am happy to say that I have made a deal to get the paint done and it is officially leaving my possession this week. The paint on the car was decent but it wasn't perfect. It will be coming down to bare metal and should be very nice when it's done. I have heard so many horror stories about "paint prison" but I'm optimistic things will go relatively smooth but time will tell.

I needed to get the glass out of it today and the last of the trim removed. What a pain the side glass is!!

Wish me luck boys

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