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Re: JEG'S 40520 distributor

You may be right on that...the distributor looks awfully close to MSD 8361. Jegs has a cheaper line thought the SSD might be better. It shows to have a melonized gear and shaft bearing. I thought about Dave..I can deal with his crankiness but I've seem some people have had trouble with contact. Can't deal with that. Had an MSD 85551 at one time but the 6AL went out pretty quick so I want one that doesn't require a box. I've had some of the cheap distributors too. Pins\weights wear out quick. Moroso was okay but no small cap that I know of. DUI has one guess I'll check with them also. I know they use stock bodies. Thanks for the input. By the way I bought a GMPP fuel pump and it was a piece of S**T. Leaked oil externally after about 4 race nights.
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