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My passenger-side door won't line up with the 1/4 panel properly. The closest I can get the gap is a 1/4 inch. Looking around the forum I have read that the gap should be about 3/16. I just cant get close to that.

I pulled the door off to get a look at the upper and lower hinge mounting points on the body. The threaded plates the hinges mount to move freely so I bolted the door back in while pulling it toward the 1/4. Still can't get closer than 1/4 inch. I should be able to get close enough to hit the quarter with all that play. This is driving me crazy! [img]graemlins/angry.gif[/img]

I was thinking of enlarging the hinge bolt holes for even more slop but that doesn't feel right. I'm trying to fix the problem, not mess it up even more.
I must be missing something here. [img]graemlins/clonk.gif[/img]
Any advice or help on this one would be greatly appreciated.
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