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Re: Just picked up a 1966 Beaumont parts car

That's a nice Chevelle, I've never seen that green colour before but I like it. It's not very common I take it, is it original to your Chevelle?

The car is literally full or parts and the trunk is packed too. I'm going to practice painting/welding/body work on this car before it moves on. I bought the car for scrap price and have already taken a few pieces off that I needed for my Chevelle (rear bench seat frame and trunk torsion bars) and I'm sure I'll get a couple other things but it's always sad to see a car like this at the end of the line. It has a 350 too but overall the car is a mess. I know it has a lot of trim pieces too and I know it has the front bumper but I'm not sure about the rear bumper. I've already sold the hood and the same guy wants to come back for the rocker mouldings. What is a fair price for those? I was thinking $50.00 as I know they aren't perfect. Are there any other pieces I should save before it gets hauled off? The tail light housings? It has good glass, maybe the rad cradle? The gauges/console is long gone and the front seats aren't original.
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