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Re: 11 year old tires

I agree with Philip. I keep good tires on my Chevelle, I keep the old take offs for rollers. I have a set of rollers on my 56 210, that's in the process of getting back on the road. One of them is cracked and loosing air slowly, but let me see the car's stance with the tires and wheels. Those tires have been in the garage for 4-5 years, never in the sun. When the 56 is ready to hit the road, it'll be trailered to the tire shop for new tires. The guys at the tire shop know me, and will mount any tire on any wheel for me, because they know what I'm doing, and that they'll be mounting new ones before I drive the car farther than the trailer. They will also replace valve stems without a question. I think that comes from doing business with the same store for over 20 years.

My car trailer sits out in the sun all year long. The tires are now 2 years old. My wife says I have to buy new ones before I head over to the Pomona Swap Meet in October. She was with me when a 2 year old tire on the trailer blew out on the Interstate. Scared the crap out of her.

I would hate to try and see how long I can get out of a tire that looks good, and have it take the quarter panel off my Chevelle, or put me in the ditch.
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