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Re: 11 year old tires

Originally Posted by Philip View Post
We have 3 daily drivers and 2 hot rods all get new tires by time interval more so than tread wear. Same thing for my car hauler, new tires every 2-3 years. On my 4th set, had the trailer for 9 years.

Had this happen once and do not want to experience it again. Ripped the fender up but fortunately no damage to the Chevelle that was on it. Tread is still real good.

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but Ive' seen this on brand new tires. Was it age, something that hit it on the road and damaged it, or just a defect? I guess every thing has a shelf life. Better to be safe than sorry. Got me thinking about the T/A's that have been on my Camaro since 1995. Front ones look like new, back ones not so much . Got a set of MT street radials waiting to be installed.

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