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Re: 6 in a row, no go.

I got burnt a few years ago on a '59 El Camino I bought out of Miami. The seller claimed it was a "Daily Driver: blah blah blah. He himhawwed around for a few weeks before I could nail him down to meet the shipper and send it. When she finally arrived, there was: no glass in the doors, late model buckets (not bolted in) no Air cleaner, shipper asked if I had a screw driver to start it!, weak ign switch, al four headlights pointed in four different direction, missing lug nuts, some due to broken studs, dry rotted tires, no latches or hinges to the tailgate held in with bungy cords. a few boxes of miscellaneous parts and trim, and a goofy assed " bubble built into the bed- like a HUGE smugglers box! I tried contacting him a few times to get parts he said were coming, and finally he just disappeared. If I ever get to Miami again......well At least the car is rust free and does run and drive. Its a I6 for now, but will be a modern LS engine/ trans and hopefully I'll sneak on a turbo

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