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Prices for 1968 138 cars are nuts. I've been watching prices for a couple of years now and they're on the rise again. A few weeks back, I posted a car on here for advice. I was thinking 23k, tops. There were some warning signs that were brought to my attention, sobriety kicked in, and my wife and I decided to stay home instead of going to look at it. It was a 138 car, 454, TH400. Needed paint, attention under the hood, exhaust, and other things. Seller was asking 28,900. It's still for sale. I'm assuming that's because of its many faults. My guess, when all is said and done, is you have a car worth between 25-35k. All depending on the finished product, of course. As far as stripes go, I'm not a fan of the stereo stripes on anything besides a '69 Z/28 or a 70-72 Chevelle. But, it's your car so do with it as you wish. Keep in mind, while I'm looking at cars, I pass on anything 1968 with the stereo stripes. Just my personal preference.

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