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Re: One of those days....

I can help you get the stumble out of the 650? Edelbrock?
I assume it is the AVS

Loosen the screw that holds the primary metering rod covers.
The covers will need to be placed over the hole so that part of the hole is exposed put the screw back in and tighten it down.

You now if you follow me ,, be able to see the power piston and the cover keeps it in place.

No9w start the car.
The pistons should be down at idle.
Blip the throttle a quick 1/4 throttle blip the power piston should jump up to richen the mixture.

If it does not then blip it a bit more.. jump up yet.

The idea is to get it to jump up with a quick short blip but stay down when in gear.

If you put it in gear and the piston comes up or flutters up and down the spring under the piston is too stiff.

Now to really increase throttle response the piston needs to jump up with a short quick blip.

If it does not then add a stiffer spring under the power piston.
WHAT!!!! you say you do not have a stiffer spring.. That is fine.
Something I have done to those carbs since I was 18 was to install an ink pen spring in the middle of the factory spring.

You need 2 of the same spring.. some ink pen springs are too short and others just right.. What is an ink pen spring.

The clicker ink pen that you sign your name with is what i am talking about.

Try it and see how it works out for you.
Of course Timing needs to be on.
I like 18 initial at least on most of my stuff. Just saying.

That spring trick has worked for dozens of vehicles.

The tiniest blip should have the power piston jumping up and idle in gear it should stay down solid.
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