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Re: 87 buick grand national

Had an 86 TType that I bought for $5k with a spun bearing. 39k on the clock. Glovebox full of 14 second timeslips. Bone stock except an old Flowmaster crossflow. Built the engine, put a Poston cam in it. 49mm turbo, Walbro 340, 44 pound injectors, a chip, hotwire meth, and 255 drag radials got me 10.20's on a hot day. On 30 pounds of boost.

One day an Isreali airforce pilot came in my shop and bought it just by the way it looked. Silver with a blue couch to sit on. I miss that car, but I don't miss the bad cam sensors, the bad MAF sensors, and the blown trannies.

Turbo Kitty was nasty!

Couple of junkers and a few clunkers.
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