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Re: Installing extra "ign" terminals?

Originally Posted by oldcutlass View Post
You can create a bus by hooking all the terminals together on one side of the fuse block. I would use a minimum of a 10ga wire soldered to each terminal. Then use a 30a relay to power it up in the key on position and a direct feed from the battery to the fuse block. Putting a fuse on the feed wire is optional if the fuse block remains under the hood.
I might put one under the hood and one inside the car, haven't decided yet but I want a fuse on it regardless.

So a 10 gauge wire would be enough to feed this?

Edit: This one looks pretty neat, one wire coming in and 6 terminals, plus LED indicators: 1 Power in 6 Way Auto Circuit Fusebox Blade Terminal Holder LED Warning 12V DC | eBay

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