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Re: Hot tanked block. Not!!!!!!!

there is also a soap and water alternative that alot of people are using, kind of a steam cleaner, the engine parts get very hot, and are sprayed with the hot water and soap. they are usually too hot to touch with bare hands after the cleaning is done. i have built one motor using this process for all the parts, and it seems to work about the same as the "hot tank" process.

i do have a question though, i read about deburing the lifter bores. i have a few blocks out in my garage. i went to the machine shop to have my block bored, i had spent a couple hours pulling plugs and taking off all the junk bolted to the block. i already ordered a set of .030 over pistons for the build, but it seems the block had been previously bored .030 over, and had been run enough to make a ridge at the top of the cylinder. i have 3 other blocks in the garage, but when i started inspecting them to get ready for the machine work i noticed that 2 of them have rust in the lifter bores, one is worse than the other, which just so happens to be the one i was going to use. this engine needs to last, and i dont want to have to put in new lifters any time soon. so my question is...... is there a good way to clean the rust without making the bore too big that isnt extremely expensive and that will be reliable? i have never heard of over sized lifters, and i have never heard of sleeving the lifter bores. let me know the best choices here if you can, i hate to scrap 2 blocks due to rust in the lifter bores.
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