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1969 Malibu dome light - passenger door turns it on, but not driver's

My driver side door won't turn on the dome light when opened, but the passenger side door works fine. Everything else works well. I can turn the dome light on and off with the headlight switch and the dimmer works normally.

I just installed a headlight relay system into the low beams. It not only made all four headlights brighter, but it brightened the dash lights, brought back the little blue hi beam light, and brightened the dome light. The fuel gauge still reads differently (less) when the headlights are turned on.

I thought that maybe the relay and the driver door not turning on the dome light was a coincidence, but now I'm not sure. After installing the relay both doors would turn on the dome light, but now, after a couple of hours, the driver side door no longer will. There are no blown fuses and assuming anyway that both doors go off the same fuse for the dome light, I replaced the driver side switch with no change -- still no dome light with that door open.

I'm going to go back in with a test light/meter, but wondering if someone's encountered this and can give some advice that would save some diagnostic time. Thanks for any help.
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