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2015 Special Gkirkwood Clan day at the Track in Luskville, Quebec

I have been very busy working with my son Phil on the weekends all summer, so we only got up to the local track once this year in June,
which is only a 30 minute drive away .

So I planned another annual family meeting for Sunday past for some BBQing and racing,
son helps out with me on the 67 and son-in-law races his new Mustang since he got the bug from me !

Well I drove the old girl up to the local track as usual for the previously rained out Special days for
Classic Super Street / Nostalgia / old Muscle car class event
with young son2 following with my blue Ford Ranger filled with tires equipment and such,

Arrived at the track and drove over to the spot we usually park at / setup for for the day
ran into a bunch of testy Mustang Club owners with their Super Chargers / 5.0s etc.
they did not like it when I drove up and parked my old 67 right beside them
I jumped out of my car and shouted to them “ are you boys ready for a good old spanking from a big/bad/old Chevelle
they just laughed it off and so did I,

So we went thru our usually routine of getting the rear street tires off and getting the soft rubber tires on / setting the DA Viking Shocks for the track

Then we started lining up with each of the various Mustang owners that we could at the lights each time for T&T
they maybe younger and quicker off the lights but the old girls BBC was more than a match for them
only one Super Charged & Nitrous sprayed Mustang, out of the 50 or so street Mustangs, was faster than the old girl
and he made sure I knew it, hehehehehe, mmmmm payback I guess !

Here is the data on my new best T&T run of the morning,
with only a change to the Front DA Viking shock settings from previous setting in June .

M&H Muscle Car dot Drag Tire MSS-001 Bias-Ply 275/60/15 13 lbs Air
Reactn 60 FT E.T. 8th MPH E.T. 1/4 MPH Off Idle 0.092 1.761 7.832 88.89 12.265 110.73 Greg 4 T&T

There was only 30 Muscle cars at the track on Sunday and about 20 Street Cars (rice rockets) and the 30 Mustangs .

The Mustangs would only run against each other so that reduced the #s
and then the street cars decided to only run T&T .
They must had been watching us old Muscle cars run times a lot better than they could !?

Oh well was looking forward to getting in lots of launch times with the car running so good !

So lunch time came and went and we were entered into the race event with 30 other cars as 2 separate drivers using the same car.

For/In the Elims we put a Dial-in at 12.30

Son Phil went as first # 1 Driver
0.078 1.747 7.861 88.35 12.313 110.31 Phil Beat 69 Camaro with 302 & Slicks Dial-in at 11.50

0.171 1.756 7.815 89.06 12.253 110.77 Phil Break Out loss to 1970 429 Cobra Torino GT Dial-in 13.18

Old man’s turn as # 2 Driver
0.229 1.814 8.006 85.14 13.757 70.89 Greg Beat & letoff to 340 Green Dart Swinger Dial-in 13.85

0.109 1.773 7.892 88.43 12.411 101.96 Greg Beat & letoff to the 1970 429 Cobra Torino GT Dial-in 13.18

Luskville Drag Strip News in the 2nd box down from the top on the left hand side
Near the right bottom of the pic of the 63 Chevy II / Nova with the white jacket woman standing in front of my 67 Chevelle
you will see who won the Classic Street / Nostalgia / old Muscle car class event

“ The Gatineau Nostalgia club which really help make Luskville Feel like the good old days
with 30 early model muscle cars had Gregg Kirkwood win the run off
with his 1966 Chevelle take home first place prize.”

So not a bad day for me and my family and not a bad way to end the 2015 Race Season as a Winner,
just one problem thou
now I will have to listening to my young son2 boast about how he beat the old man,
with his breakout run in the Elims, **** it took him 8 years to do it !!!

He never raced at a track until 2007 when he became my pit crew (the one that does all the hard work at the track)
when I started to go back to the track since the early 80s
I do all the mental work, correct shock settings, correct tire pressure, buy the gas, buy that and this and ....
Some not so great pics, but I have the memories,

67 Chevelle Malibu SS Cdn
Born 283 / PG / A51
468/TH400 2,500 stall/ S60 3.70 Gs
Prev Best on M/T ET S/S #3454 street Tires/Dress 2018/05/20
60' = 1.664
1/8 = 7.532 et / 91 mph
1/4 = 11.814 et / 115 mph
NEW Best with 3,500+ Stall TC 2019/09/08
60' = 1.547
1/8 = 7.311 et / 91.76 mph
1/4 = 11.595 et / 114.28 mph

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