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Re: SST Silver Sport Transmissions - from the ashes of Keisler?

Originally Posted by 69SHEVL View Post
As Andy said, it has an M22. The engine is a 454, which I wouldn't consider a high winder, nor do I intend to race around (like Andy). I have a bench seat and long curved shifter, for which I like the old school look, and it's location is right on the money. The car is my daily driver and it cruises nicely at 60 to 65, but since the speed limit here is 70, I need at least one more gear to keep up with the school buses.
It has a 12 bolt, but I don't know what gear ratio.
The 5 speeds are more than adequate and will provide the factory shifter location as it looks now. You can run interstate speeds all day long with a 5 speed.

A lot of guys like the idea of a 6 speed but the functional model really doesn't provide much more overdrive than the 5 speeds do. The wide ratio model has too low of a starting gear and too much overdrive for most builds at 50%.

Call me and we can run through some speed vs. rpm scenarios and make sure we pick the model most appropriate for your project.


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