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Re: Found a SS sitting in the boonies

This was no SS but a old faker and a poor one at that. It has exterior SS emblems, cowl hood with the flapper (no internal ducts to anything), stripes that are not original (too big and poor masking). It has a Chevelle grill, interior, ralley wheels, dash and original 307 that still had the emisson sticker on the schroud.

If I get the cars, I think once I get title (can declare them abandoned as any car left on private property for 30 days can be declared abandoned in Mich) I will sell them on ebay. People there will pay for junk like this.

fyi - A 307 was never available with a the SS option. If you read the requirement in the order guide you will see the SS option was only available on the Malibu with an optional engine and transmission. The 307 was a base engine on the 13637 Malibu and not optional. Where people get confused is with the Heavy Chevy as it has some of the exterior features of the SS (doomed hood primarely) and they assume its a SS or owners clone it into an SS. Back in 1973 abouts, a friend of mine bought one used and made it look like a SS by adding the emblems. 99% never new the difference....
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