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steering column help

On my 67 Chevelle;

Due to a poorly installed column mounted tach that allowed the mounting screw to short out something inside, my turn signal assembly and harness needs replacing. It has fried and I am damn lucky I did not lose the whole car over this mistake.

I have the replacement now. The assembly itself looks identical but have some questions on the wiring.

The female connector under the dash has 8 terminals, with the following wires going into it. From left to right they are

white,green,yellow,purple,brown,dk blue(2),Lt blue(2),black

The male plug on my new harness has only 7

black,pink,Lt blue,white,dk blue,yellow,green

Do I have the right assembly? I see in my service manual seven wires going to the signal switch and an eighth going to the horn. Do I have to run this eighth wire seperate? I dont want to do any more damage.

Thanks in advance
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