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Re: Turn Signals/ Headlights

Ok, a '69.

Time to start inspecting the wiring and comparing it to a wiring diagram.

Your headlights have black wires that are the ground connections. There should be a connection from the black wires to the front core/radiator support by the headlamp connectors. Light green wires are high beam feeds. Tan are the low beam feeds. There should be nothing connected into these light green wires or tan wires other then the headlamp sockets.

Your front turnsignal/parking lights have their own feeds. Light blue = driver's side turn signal power.

Dark blue= passenger side turn signal power. Each lamp also contains a second filament--the parking lights, each have a brown wire feeding those. The turn/park housings need a good ground to the bumper assembly. If you suspect you have a bad ground, run a wire from the battery (-) to each housing assembly.

The side marker lamps also have brown wires (they also get power from the parking lamp circuit) as well as black wires. The black, again are grounds and need to connect to the core support/front sheetmetal.

The car's body needs a good ground for anything to work properly. This is a 12 ga. pigtail from the battery (-) to a sheetmetal screw on the passenger side fender with a tooth'd washer behind it.

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