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'64 Chevelle wiring

Help! Can somebody give me a very basic wiring diagram for the starter/ignition circuit for a '64 Chevelle v8? I'm restoring the car, and had to yank ALL the wiring out. I've cut out the old dash, and installed all new (state of the art) gauges. I have the wiring diagram for the car, but it isn't clear on the wiring - between the ignition switch and the starter/solenoid/coil. I'm a pretty savvy electronics tech, but I don't understand the wiring on those circuits. Why is there a GND lug on the ignition switch? What is with the resistance wire in the accessories circuit? What is the "R" terminal on the starter solenoid? I just need the basics. Surely, there is a rat rod (basic) wiring diagram out there, somewhere.
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