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Which gears to go with

Well I posted up bout trans a while back and after alot of trying to come up with the funds for a 200r4 or a 700r4 its just not in the cards at the moment. Maybe down the line it will be something for me to consider but its just not feasible right now. Besides even if I could get together the money for a built 700 or 200 id still need my gears and stall which would definitely not happen. Id have to use some POS crap stall to get me by til I could afford a good one to match my combo. Then add in the extra parts needed new speedo connector thinga ma bob, new 200 or 700 dipstick tube, lock up wiring kit, T V cable, shorten the driveshaft (if I went the 700 way) and relocating the rear trans mount and shipping just kept adding up. I found a few great companies like extremetrans tht I could get it all for round 2100 plus 150 shipping, or jakesperformance which was round 2250.00 for just trans plus shipping, and then davids was round 2345.00 and then shipping plus all the lil add ons as well. These all didnt include a torque converter tht was trans alone. Then add on gears all the nick knacks and such and i was closing in on over 4000.00 for everything good stall, trans, all the trans goodies, cooler, rear end bearing kit, posi unit, and good gear set.

So since I have a brand new built turbo 350 tht cuts tht cost right there, I was gunna get a very nice PTC converter from a nice guy on here but after calling Tim and chatting he said it wouldnt be the best for my application. But he said he would build me a great 9.5/11 inch dont know how to explain it he said its the best of both worlds looks like a 9.5 inch but its an 11 or something he said something about the vanes being set up for heavy cars and it flash stalls to 2800 rpms but driving around town i wouldnt even know it was in there and its double balloon this and that I dont speak converter. Most my cars have always been stick so not much experience with em. He said in his opinion it would be the best of both worlds since this is a daily driven car. Not to mention the price was amazing for a built converter for my app less than what I was about to spend at edge or for the used one so couldnt argue much so I ordered it.

Now onto the last step since I have made the decision to go built TH350 and what converter to use. I am ordering a posi unit with it but need to know what rear gears would be great for me.

Heres what the car will be used for daily driving with some freeway not a whole lot no big cross country trips planned. The car has 28 inch tall tires on it and tht wont change even the new ones coming for the ralley rims are 28 inches tall. Want something tht feels nice and solid and fun to drive as well tht can hold its own and surprise a few people lol

Its a 1970 chevy impala weighs round 3890 pounds with a built 355, afr heads, jones custom hyd roller 228/228 576 1.6 intake/ 512 1.5 exhaust 108 lobe sep, 105 in center 111 ex center. 680 quick fuel VS carb, 1 5/8s long tubes and 2.5 dual exhaust
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