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Hot light on after start up.

I researched this for a while but really could not find an answer to what I was looking for. I have been looking for an explanation of what an idiot light really is but I did not really find a good answer. My main concern is, When I start up my 72 Concours 350/350 there is a Hot light in the sweep dash that comes on and stays on for about 5-10 min then goes off. Is this normal? I read some posts that it was, and some that said it could be a defective Temp Sending unit or mis-wired. My Haynes manual really does not say anything. I just changed my Water pump and T-stat yesterday and noticed there was a sensor in the T-stat, but no wires hooked to it so I am guessing this is just serving as a plug for the hole in the top of the T-stat. I am going to check the sender tomorrow that is located in the head but wanted to see if this is really what I need to be checking into.
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