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Re: Ball joint snapped in offshore tubular control arm!!!

Originally Posted by davis95 View Post are the ball joints the only downfall to these Chinese A-arms? I've always been under the impression that the arms themselves were problematic. Are the Chinese arms good as long as they have good ball joints? If so, I may redo my front suspension sooner than I planned!
No, I talk to Customers all the time that have Chinese Stuff that doesn't line up, the Bushings are Bad, The Shock Attachment Points in the Lowers are Off, etc. Then they ask me what to do - Send them Back, Throw them away is my answer.

The other Downfall is the Moral dilemma - Do you want Chinese, Japanese, Korean Parts on your American-Made Car? Do want to continue the Erosion of America by sending your Money to a Foreign Country?

Take a Stand - Buy American!

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