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Re: Dakota Digital Wiring - Help Needed

Originally Posted by man44a View Post
The left and right turn signal has 2 wires connecting in to the dash plug. Do I use one wire or both? If one, how do I find the correct wire?
So.....I'm assuming you are going to use the factory locations for the turn signal indictors? Page 4 shows the LED assemblies for the "fa ctory original" indicator spots....

The white/black indicator wire from each LED needs a good clean connection to chassis ground. The "RIGHT" LED's green/white needs to connect to the factory DARK BLUE wire. Do not confuse it with the factory DARK BLUE that feeds the OIL PRESSURE SENDER.

The "LEFT" LED's green/white needs to connect to the factory LIGHT BLUE wire.

I don't know if you original had SS Dummy lights or FULL SS can use this as a guide for wire placement to figure out what is what....

If you just cut up everything, and have no clue what dark blue does what for example, you'll have to meter it to determine if it's the sender line or the turn indicator back if you need more help...........

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