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Re: Dakota Digital Wiring - Help Needed

I am converting my 1971 SS dash to the Dakota Digital SS VHX direct fit system. I have a few questions I'm hoping you can help with. responses in bold

1. Constant Power - Can I use the clock wiring? Direct Connect?
Depends on the power requirements of the unit. I would not think it would draw that much current, but I don't own one. Constant power is available at the clock connection, cigarette lighter and "BAT" terminal on the fuse block. They are all on the 20 amp courtesy circuit

2. ACC Power - What do you use for accessory power? Can I run a wire from the ACC on the fuse block? That will work, or splice into the factory original yellow radio power feed wire

3. Tail Light - This is to turn on the LED backlights at night. Can I use the gray wire from the printed circuit plug? If not, what do you use for this? I seem to recall another post indicating this input can not be a "dimmable" input. The grey wire voltage varies with the headlamp rheostat. If the unit needs a solid voltage, you will have to tap into the brown wire leaving the headlamp switch.

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