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Why my Tailight no work?!

Recently getting my dash, interior,trim, lights all back together. My tail/brake lights have always worked, until I hooked up my headlights after the reassembly from paint. The tailights have worked fine after reassembly I just recently did my headlights and have this new problem. I have functioning headlights, turn signals, brights, and rear brake/turn signals. But no tailights in park mode or headlight on mode.

My 15A fuse was blown but I have tried a 20 and a 10 in there and they haven't worked. I need to buy a 15A but I feel like a 20 or 10 should have worked. The 10 did not blow. Is there a relay I don't know about for the tailights that may have gone bad?

Also got the bumpers on and not real sure where my reverse lights and rear license light plug in to the harness, as they ve never been plugged in since I purchased the car.

Thanks in advance
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