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You people are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

I just changed my pinion seal and pinion yoke and followed the install advice of Denny from Denny's driveshaft. It a real simple procedure and the pinion preload is easy to re-establish. I do not subscribe to the marking the nut method as you should really be installing a new nut anyway. Also, if you change the yoke, it's a good chance the new one might not be exactly the same thickness where it bolts to the pinion which will change the preload if you marked the nut.

Here's the method I find works fine. Take your old yoke off and replace the seal. Make sure you pack the seal groove with axle bearing grease. According to Denny, most seals leak because they were installed with oil which is not enough to protect the seal. Next install the yoke and nut using locktite on the threads. Hold the yoke with what ever tool you use (I made a tool that bolts to the yoke with a 30" long handle) and tighten the nut by hand with a 1/2" ratchet. It's near impossible to crush the sleeve with a hand ratchet, so once your ratchet stops turning, your done.

There's no need to disassemble the rear to reset the pinion preload IMO. I've seen many racers install used gears and as long as the mechanic setting up the gears can get them set up as they were originally, they will last just fine.

I do feel if you question your mechanical skills or ability, then take it to a professional.

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