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No disrespect here either. But a good mechanic can tell the difference between doing it correctly, and doing it with both eyes shut.
I've known this to be done quit a few times.
I learned this from a friend that does rock crawling in his 327 powered jeep for sport. He sets up rears all the time. Since I like to get extra opinions, I checked with a guy that's done his share of car building for 40 years, that also happens to be a certified deisel mechanic for the past 30 years. I don't tread down new areas at full speed until I know for sure that what I'm doing will work. Now if someone is in doubt about doing something, this is the difference between being able to do it, and thinking they can do it. I don't give advice until I know it's correct advice. Marking the pinion nut and resetting the preload will work in a pinch, but not the best way to go about it. Why not use a torque wrench and know for sure. Even Richmond gear instructions tells you how to reset preload with a used crush sleeve. I don't mean to sound nasty in my reply. I give my info free, and correct. I don't like learning the hard and expensive way. If someone wants to learn from previous lessons and save some cash why not. But if they're still unsure, they might just want to let a shop do the work.

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