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We have had an oven and shot blast cleaning system since 1988. It was without a doubt the best investment I ever made. You will not ever get a block as clean with a hot tank. We have not had any problems with the shot. If he has one of the good systems, there should not be any shot left in the block. If there is, he is not using it correctly. A quick pass with a small dingle hone will take care of the lifter bores. We have never had a problem with the deck surfaces or the main bearing bores. They might look a bit "rough" but if you measure them, they are fine. Personally, I would be thankful that is what the guy used. 99% of the big rebuilders use this system to clean thier blocks. It is considered state of the art.
By the way, the reason we changed from a hot tank is mostly the work involved in getting a block, or heads clean. Most people don't realize that a hot tank does not really remove rust, or hard carbon buildup. All that had to be done by hand. Now we bake stuff for an hour, then blast it for 10 minutes, and it looks like a new casting. As far as saving money, not sure...the system cost 30K 15 years ago ! But the shop does not smell like chemicals, and we dont have to pay $700 each 6 months or so to have the tank pumped out.
I would not worry about it. As far as the crank goes, I am sure they reground it to whatever size it needed to be. Same with boring the block.

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