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Oh boy here we go again. My brother took his 396 block and crank to a very reputable speed shop in the area and had them hot tank the block and all of the other bottom end parts. Well we thought they were hot tanking the block to clean it up and low and behold we found out that they use a tumbler with shot peen. We got looking at the block and the lifter bores now have their top edges bent over so a lifter won't drop in. The top of the deck was pounded pretty good. Now were wondering if it don't need decked. The saddles for the mains also have the shot peen marks in them as well. I guess I will help him take a power washer to the block to get any of the steel shot out of the oil holes and afterwards use a brush. The block turned out to be bored .060 which they said it was .040 and needed bored to .060.

My performance shop checked all of these things out this other place was saying and just could not believe the other place could be that wrong. He was telling us the reason they use the tumbler instead of the regular hot tank is they don't want to deal with the EPA on the chemicals and they can get more work by decking blocks and deburring the lifter bores and charging the customers for it. When my shop uses the hot tank there is residual paint on the outside of the block but I would rather have that then all the trouble my brother has went through.

The crank is not 20 on the mains and 40 on the rods it is 30-30. I could go on and on and on about how wrong this place was. My brother wanted to try them out because they are advertised on T.V. and they have stickers on all of the cars at the track. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I told him not to do it and keep our business at the shop that has been doing our work for years.

Anyway we are going to use the Sealed Power 2242F piston and we found out the heads are 112 cc chambers so he will have about 10.4 to 1 compression. I will have to check the pistons to see how far in the hole they are though too so that will figure in. Gosh this has turned into a nightmare.

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