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post #16 of 33 (permalink) Old Apr 19th, 19, 7:32 PM
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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

I thought I was the only one that can turn a fan belt change into a body off resto...

Your just jealous because you can't hear the voices!

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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

Have you been monitoring the work the shop has doing? It sounds like you arent too sure of exactly how bad the body is and you are basing it off of what the shop says.

What I learned after my Chevelle was in paint jail is that usually the body man will give you a lowball estimate on the work. And then once they get into it there is either more work than initially thought, or they FIND work to do. The more work they find the more money they can get out of you. I was too naive at the time to pick up on this tactic as I was only 22, but in retrospect its clear as day.

You also need to have an idea of how nice of a Chevelle you want or need? Chevelles dont have to be perfect in order to be nice. Some people are perfectly fine with a flat black paintjob thats a little rough around the edges and some people want a 110% frame off every nut and bolt new.

Call the shop and tell them to stop working on it while you figure out a game plan. $20k for a car that you looked over that seemed to be in decent condition is pure insanity to me. My Chevelle was a massive pile of crap with more waves and gaps than the Pacific Ocean and I paid roughly $13,000 for paint and body back in 2010.

Pictures would help too.

Mike Smith
72 Chevelle, LS 6.0 LQ9 4l80e
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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

Originally Posted by 66 Enrichment View Post
I picked up a 66 SS and thought it would be a good project for me and my daughter. Knowing our limits, I decided to have the floor plans replaced by a shop. They are a reputable builder and told me they would bring things to my attention before performing work. To make a long story short, floor pans has turned into - Both rear quarters, rear seat braces, package tray, rear pan rust damage on hood... What I started as a 5-6k project has now evolved into a 20k project just on the body...

He is still 9k away from finishing and I feel like just throwing in the towel. It is not a numbers matching car although it is a 138 car. I thought I did a decent job going through the car prior to purchasing, but either my eyes suck, or people are getting good at hiding shotty work.

How do you make a decision to just say forget it - absorb the loss and try a different car. Or is it once you start, just bite the bullet and do it. After all is said and done, I will probably be 60K into a 30k car. Sure it will be completed right but where is the line that you just say stop?
Cut your losses and put your discretionary income in an investment fund for your daughter's eduacation. Let things settle down and think hard about it. If you still want a nice chevelle, find one for a reasonable price and get it. My $0.02
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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

Get it together enough to shoot some satin primer on it and make it run and drive. Then if you decide not to complete it at least it has more value as a driver than in pieces. You can enjoy it a bit and give your self some time to decide what is next. I learned all phases of paint and body due to getting tired of waiting for a shop to do a car for me years ago. None of it is difficult, just time consuming, good luck!

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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

If youll like the end result keep at it...who is to say a lot of finished cars arent hiding problems? they are old..
#s matching has nothing to do wiht it despite what tv/web says...its about what you want.
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This post is a duplicate of a post that you have posted in the last five minutes.

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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

Finish what you have now in line take a breath then figure out a plan B. I agree with guys above stopping now it will be very tough to sell for a good price. I would see if you can finish it and just drive the car maybe do stuff in phases to keep interest in it. I see a lot of people that start something and then because they can't drive the car they loose interest or they find something lese they can drive resulting in an unfinished project that goes nowhere.
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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

You really only gave a brief description of the condition of your car and no pics. You say you took it to a reputable builder. I don't agree with those that suggest you are possibly being fleeced. After all the builder wouldn't be reputable very long if he took advantage of his customers. The going rate at resto shops is $100.00 per hour. At $20K that is only 200 hours and that would be with parts and materials being free. Unless the builder is very generous or crazy the parts and materials are not free and if he is supplying the parts then he is most likely marking them up.
IMO you would be throwing good money after bad if you throw in the towel. What can you sell a project car for? Maybe $4K or so. So you are taking a $10K -$15K bath and have to start all over again. At least with the present car you will know what you have. Let this be a learning experience and use it to make educated choices going forward.
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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

Think about it from two positions. First, just look at the dollars and cents. You're into it right now for $11k plus whatever you paid for the car. If you stop now and sell it, what would your total net loss be? Take that and add it to the price you would pay for the next car that has a great body and paint, as that will be what you're "all in" cost would be at that point. Then figure what you would finish sinking into that car to do what you want, and that's your total cost to dump this project and start and finish the next one. Now compare that to what you will have into this car once you add up all the things you want to do to finish this one.

Second position - assume the new car you will buy has some unforeseen problems too. The one you have now is a known quantity. You were looking for a father/daughter project. It's not all about just the dollars. This "hobby" ain't cheap.

My $0.02 - you are far enough in, get the body finished and slap a driver quality paint job on it (heck you and your daughter could give it a shot) then spend quality time with your daughter making this exactly what you want with the drivetrain and such. You will know the foundation is good, so if you ever want a better repaint, it shouldn't take a ton of work. If you stop this one and start another, chances are better than 50/50 that the next one will have plenty of warts too, and you might be right back here asking the same questions again.
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Mines been finished for about 3000 miles
Spent about 4K on other stuff the car “needed” I do everything myself.
1k this month on a broken rear upper control arm Bushing lol. Decided to install spherical bearings hopefully that will be more reliable on both uppers on rearend. Well that turned into dual roto joint UMI lowers and a Spohn pt swaybar.
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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

Either sell it...

...or never look at the receipts................

It's better to burn out than to just fade away - Neil Young

1971 Chevelle SS 454 LS5

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That’s crazy, I do all the work on my car, but never bought a car that needs body/paint work.

It’s going to cost lots more to get it done, knowing that you’re either willing to pay it or not, if money spent/to spend is an issue, I’d say take a break from it for a while.

Good luck
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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

My view is unless you can do the body work/paint yourself, either get a car that doesn't need much body/paint work, or expect to spend over $20k for someone else to do it.

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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

I would say 95% of us are probably into our cars more than we'll ever get out of them. I compare my project as a mortgage or a new vehicle by the time you pay off a 30 year mortgage you have spent almost twice as much as the house is worth same as a new truck payment, what's that truck worth in 4 years?. A father son or daughter project is priceless. If funds are available keep picking away it's something your daughter will never forget. Jmo good luck

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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

Like many (most?), my love for these old cars exceeds my common sense and abilities. Still, I picked up a '68 Malibu that should have been crushed. 3 years later and I'm just starting to put it back together (metal work that is). I replaced just about everything except the floor (well, I even replaced part of that). I quit looking at or keeping receipts - too depressing. I do 95% of the work so costs are kept down. I figure I have about 20K invested in parts/tools alone. Wife said it would be cheaper to get a girlfriend. At the rate I'm going, I hope to have all metal work completed by the end of the year. It's a labor of love.
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Re: Ever have buyer's remorse?

Oh my GOSH! I first bought my car off of ebay in 2003, looked it over, realized it needed A LOT of work, left it sit for 10 years, and eventually learned that it was definitely being named PIMA...(Pain in MY A$$) I just talked to my engine builder yesterday, and he said that my AFR heads are a MESS, but that wasn't even the reason for taking it over there in the first place, but more $$$. This thing just keeps getting better... After a while, you just start laughing it off...it's the only thing you can do. Six LONG years later, and I'm still dumping endless amounts of money into it...but I still LOVE my car.

This is kind of a low point. This was after I dropped the frame out of it.

I finally got it together and driving after paint jail fiasco in 2016 and 2017.

Currently. The new hood is over to the body shop after the old hood had severe paint lifting. Speaking of lifting!!! My wallet is lighter again after the second major rebuild in 5,000 miles.

Buyer's remorse...depends on the day!

'69 Chevelle SS ("NOT" ON THE ROAD NOW!
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