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Re: My rusty '68 "Custom" rising from the dead.

Supposed to be Silvery Metallic Blue from a 60's Jaguar XKE.

Used to have a couple of XKE's, kick myself in the @ZZ twice every Sunday for letting them go.
It made sense at the time, just like selling my '59 El Camino 348, 3-2's, 4 speed car.
Back when it was only worth $1,500, fresh engine and paint included.

Paint shop says this has some purple in it.
Can label says,

UFN:3872967 CODE 22
5A-3785-00-B 1977-1979 Chevrolet
2nd Dimension 5.0

Without a Jag handy to compare with I cannot say if it's an exact match for the color I was really looking for.
Not a show car, close enough.

The contrasting Cobalt Blue roof and SS hood stripes should set it off well.

At these gas prices I want it 100+ octane, leaded, and my windshield washed!
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