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Originally Posted by Chevelle_crazy72 View Post
...the only reason I am referring to it as a trailer package option is because that's what I've been told is why it has the 12 bolt and disc brakes up front. According to the vin it may or may not have the RPO option which is from my understanding is the SS package (could be wrong) .Also to my understanding there was no SS's produced with the sweep dash but seems like it would be a perfect candidate to clone an SS with.
As was mentioned, there is no "SS" option (RPO) coded in the VIN. for 1969-1972 Chevelles, the SS package was an option that could be had on a 2-door "Malibu", therefore the VIN is the same as the Malibu (1969 is an exception as non-Malibus could also be SS cars). For 1972, the engine was denoted in the VIN, but the SS was available with a 350 a 402 (396) and the 454... The 350 and 402 were both available in the Malibu, but the 454 was only available with the SS...

Correct, no SS cars produced with the sweep dash, but the round pod dash (often called an SS dash) was also available in a plain Malibu (extra cost option) with guages. MANY Malibus had disc brakes, so the only "clone" part would be the 12-bolt, and many people don't see that, or don't know...

In earlier years, the 12-bolt was an option listing for trailering (usually in a non-performance gear ratio)...

Still a 12-bolt and discs are a nice start to a performance setup...

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