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ratuned and wally I don't know what you two were doing in june of 1970 but I can tell you that I was ordering a 1970 SS Chevelle LS6 from the factory. I sat down with the salesman and he ckecked off everything I asked him to on the order form. The Dana 60 differential came with the SS package in conjunction with the LS6 package. My car was not picked up off the show floor. I got it my way. I do not know if a Dana 60 was available on any other car ie:375HP/396 Chevelle/Nova. I only researched the car I wanted to buy. For the sake of discussion I did not opt for the "Cowl Induction" hood ($106) nor did I care to spend a dime on power steering. I was young and strong and didn't need stuff like that. The only option I bought that wasn't something calculated to make the car go faster was the "light" package. I like lights at night if you drop something in the car. Now I don't know about Chrysler products or Ford products but you certainly could ORDER your LS6 with a Dana 60 diff. I owned one. Additionally I drove that car for about 15,000 miles before I sold it and those were truly BRUTAL miles. I beat the living crap out of that car both on and of the strip and never once broke it. I dare you to try that with your stock 12 bolt and 500 ft/lbs torque. I ALWAYS shifted that car at 7500RPM Whenever I was racing it street or strip. The driveline took literally hundreds(if not thousands) of full throttle power shifts. I romped on the gas everytime I sat in the seat. I did burnouts in my garage just for the exhiliration of hearing the motor scream. I went for joy rides everytime my wife turned her back and a joy ride in 1970 simply meant joining the other guys in their muscle cars doing the same thing day or night. After 10:30pm on any night every other car was a muscle car. If you weren't alive then you have no idea what that era was like.In case anybody out there assumes that I wasn't well versed in muscle cars, I owned a 1967 442(new), a 1968 Hurst Olds(new), A 1968 383 Challenger(used). All purchased before I bought the LS6. Now is there anything else you want to tell me I couldn't have had on my LS6?

1970 SS454 LS6 Chevelle, Damn! why did I sell that car?
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