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Re: Fuel system question

I am about to redo my system too. Summit has this -8 PTFE lined braided hose for $75/20' which doesn't seem bad.
Of course, they say you have to use the Summit brand PTFE-specific hose ends. But even they aren't that expensive.

Summit has this interesting warning on all of the fuel hose they sell: In recent years various fuel manufactures may have added any number of new unpublished additives to their fuel blends. Due to this fact it is very difficult for hose manufacturers to know how the inner liner of their elastomeric tube compounds will react with a given fuel. Because of these unknowns we are unable to guarantee that the hoses we provide are the best possible products to use with any specific fuel. The most commonly reported issue being a fuel odor that permeates from the hose. If there is any doubt regarding the fuel you plan to run we recommend that you select a PTFE lined hose for your application.

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