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I'm thinking of installing courtesy lights in my '69 hardtop also. I haven't actually seen the kit yet but I'm hoping that there's a built-in Y-adapter included where it connects to the door jamb switch. This seems to be what is shown in the GM wiring diagram and the '69 factory assembly manual (page 12-B13). If that's the case then it won't be necessary to splice.

The wiring diagrams for later Chevys (after '72) show some differences in the way the courtesy lights are wired. In the later models, opening either door would turn on both lights. In 64-72, the diagrams seem to indicate that opening a door will only turn on the adjacent courtesy light. The later models also had the dome light terminal of the light switch connected in. In 64-72, the diagrams show the circuit running from the always hot BAT terminal on the fuse box to the grounded door jamb switch bypassing the light switch altogether. If I interpret that correctly, that would mean that you can't turn the courtesy lights on manually by turning the light switch knob fully counterclockwise. Are there any convertible owners out there who can confirm or dispute that?

Also, I believe that courtesy lights were available on Chevelle hardtops as a dealer installed accessory rather than a RPO option.

I'm thinking about showing my car in stock class after I get it restored. Can anyone tell me if dealer installed accessories (e.g. courtesy lights) would be considered by show judges to be a modification to the original car?


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