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Need Help with my Ignition!

Ok, so I had a crack in a new Positive battery cable. The cable was new but only lasted a few months before the Lead clamp cracked off. the cable was still clamped on the positive battery post though. I noticed it because the car lost power one day when I went to start it up. Anyway, I was out the other night and blew the 30 amp fuse off the cable to the ground. I changed out the cable and fuse and was able to start the car.
Now I can't shut the motor off. when I turn the key to the off position, nothing happens, the motor will not shut down. Also, I have to keep the battery disconnected because the power is always on now. The Oil light and Gen light are on at all times. Is this an ignition switch problem??? How can I fix it??
It's a 1970 Chevelle with a 307 automatic trans.

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