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thanx for the advice. but check this out. I was checking the master switch and found that one of the gray wires from the a/c switch had a splice in it. I traced the spliced wire to the engine compartment behind the master cylinder. It was all tied together in a ball and when I untied it, it stretched to just about ehere the a/c compressor is. I then pulled off the tape surrounding the wiring and found where the big green wire (to a/c)was cut. so being the curious person i am i put the spliced wire into the a/c compressor. now the a/c compressor will engage when the ign. is on and when the car is running. the only problem now is if i turn it from max-norm to the vent or heater the compr. is still engaged! what the heck is going on here. i am hoping to fix the problem myself if i can as labor here in town is about $55/hr for troubleshooting. thanx again for the help..
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