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Re: Drop spindles lowering springs and full length headers

"I know that will not lower the headers anymore that they currently are but getting the car down that low do you run into issues. "
Both dropped spindles and dropped springs WILL decrease your long style header ground clearance. In some cases dropped springs may not affect it. For example, a new spring with a mild drop like 1" or even 2" may not make the car sit any lower than the old stock springs that are fatigued and have sagged from their original ride height.
I put 2" drop spindles and 2" dropped springs on my small block '66 and it was too low. Ended up replacing the springs and got back to back to around a 2" drop, which was plenty for my wheel and tire setup.
Long tube headers are going to be a problem 90% of the time with cars lowered over two inches that see frequent street driving. The way I got around the clearance issue was to start out with a set of Hedmann Shorty Elite headers, which feed into 2-1/2" exhaust pipes. Any good muffler shop can bend an exhuast pipe from the headers to under the car which will provide a lot more clearance than full length header ever can. I keep reading how shorty headers will cost some power versus full length, but for 99.9% of Chevelle owners driving on the street, they would never be aware of the small, if any, loss of power from the shorty style headers.

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