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Hi group. I have been floating on this site for a while and with the knowledge I obtained, I purchased a 66 malibu for my wife. I could not find a car in my price range with a good body in my area and took a chance on a car on the other side of the US. I took the owners word about specific things about the car and broke my cardinal rule of not getting a unbiased party to look at it. He got me and other than a fair body, it is about as road worthy as a 1939 milk truck running down hill with no brakes. Anyways, my wife and I would like to hear some stories about something a previous owner did to the car you bought that just made you laugh. I can start it off with this:

He had the tempature probe for the tempature gauge in a vacuum port.

John Weaver
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When I bought my firebird, it always seemed to fall on it's face when you romped on it. After looking the holley carb over, I found that they put a nut and bolt in the linkage to the secondaries. They tried to make it from a vacuum version to a mechanical.

On a free honda I got, they used electrical tape to mount the coil to the engine. A bungee cord to hold the headlight in place and another bungee cord wrapped in a plastic bag for the battey hold down. This was my college beater.

J Enga
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not funny, but they put a main bearing shell in wrong. Oil hole was on the cap.

Bye Bye crank

Mike Novak
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Guy that had my car before me used a hardware store bolt and flat washer to hold oil pump on!What a supprise I had when I tore the engine down for a rebuild!

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A friend of mine bought a Ford Bronco on a deal because the fuel pump quit working. The owner said he just put all new timing gears and fuel pump eccentric in it. I tore it down and the timing chain was on backwards. My buddy called the owner out of curiousity and asked him if he made sure the timing marks were lined up and the owner told him yes. He must have been pretty nifty to see the marks between the block and the chain. HA HA.

John Weaver
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Tore down the '70's 402, and there's about a hundred wraps of bailing wire holding the oil pump pickup to the pump. Scary, but I couldn't afford to redo the shortblock, and so far it still runs strong. Sure I'll find more surprises when I finally tear it apart.

Tony Nausieda
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When I bought my car 21 years ago the previous owner had put the shifter linkage on upside down and the shift pattern was reversed. It was a novelty until one night I missed a shift horsing around on the main drag and I sent the fan into the radiator. After that I failed to see the humor in that setup.

Ahhhhhh to be young...still can't believe I lived thru all that??

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Mine would be the previous owner driving off the side of the road doing about 25 and running into a rather large and immovable Caddy. Damages were the bumper, fender, hood and radiator support.

The poor little 65 had only 63,000 original miles on it. 230 inline 6, Powerglide, post model, poorly slopped on cover paint job, made in Massachusetts, and never driven out of the state. (Still hasn't)

But, with a few body repairs, needed changes to the drivetrain, interior, and many hours of work, it still only has 70,000 miles on it, but isnt so "poor" anymore. Rather healthy.

So whats the funny part? Him losing such a great little car!

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- Took out the A/C system, cut the wires under the hood, removed interior ducts, the point of that I don't know
- Used sheets of riveted lead to patch rust holes in the back and half a can of body filler
- Replaced the front bumper but didn't put in a filler panel
- Had one loose bolt holding on both the rear shocks
- String holding in the tranny modulator valve
- Removed RH exhaust heat valve for power
- Made his own rear light harness

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I went to look at a 68 El Camino, they guy was selling it because he had installed a rebuilt motor but couldn't get it to start. He turned the motor over with the starter to show it wasn't frozen. I asked if he made sure it had gas, he said that it did. When I got it home I put gas in it and low and behold it started right up. Who would have thought.

Steve R.
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Ever wonder what a chevelle looks like coils from a Cadilac under the back?

Need I say more.

one other thing. To start the car one used a Large plunger haning from the dash. Nuetral safety switch my ass. The solenoid wire itself was 5 seperate pieces of wire.

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My now wife at the time girlfriends 75 Nova when purchased by her father asked if it had any body word done to it? the owner replyed "yes, under the side quarter window glass behind the door window was rusted out on both side but I fixed it the right way." apparently he was very proud of fact he had taken the time to do it right.

When My father-in-law tore into the car for a complete paint job, he discovered about 1.5" of bondo followed up with about 2 sunday papers worth of newspaper stuffed in the rusty hole.
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When I talked to the original owner of my car I asked him what happened to ALL of the original drive train.

12 bolt posi, "The good ol' boy up town swapped it out for a good 10 bolt when I broke an axle".

The original big block, " Same good ol' boy put me in a good 350 when it started smokin".

400 turbo trani, "Same good ol' boy put me in a new 350 turbo".

I bet I know where there's a good ol' boy with a good ol' bb hot rod.

About the worst thing I did was put cardboard in the trunk to fill in the rusted out 1/4's on a 68 GTO convertible and paint it red to match the car. Hey, it didn't look to bad from a distance. Cal

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Geez, I don't know where to start. Original column shift nob replaced with an 8 ball. Didn't take long to learn not to close the door with the engine running. The impact combined with the weight of the 8 ball would cause it to drop into gear.

All AC underhood stuff removed (in AZ?)and all interior ducting removed.

Station wagon springs in the rear and intentionally broken shocks in the front, possibly with big block springs (car is a sb.)

Home made dual exhaust with a Y pipe attached to one manifold. One part of the Y bolted to the manifold, the other part clamped and welded closed.

JJ, do you remember anything else? Every time I take something apart I find something else. I think I have the Frankenstein of Chevelles!

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Well the previous owner of my car had a couple of neat things they added to make it better. One was courtesy lights in the sail panels next to the back window. There gone now and then there was a shorted wire under the dash that was without insulation. I think the best one was the patch panels that the owner had welded on was done where the seams were ontop of the original panel so there was a nice hump to the bottom of the front fender and bottom rear quarter behind the back wheel. Oh and the acorn nuts on the lugs wouldn't allow them to be tightened enough to snug up the rally wheels to the hubs.

I have seen much worse on other cars like the 68 my folks got for me and my sister to share while drining to high school. I think the entire car was bondo and some places it was 2" to 3"'s thick. That car didn't last much more that 2 yrs before it crumbled.

72SS454 Clone
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