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Carl Brune
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Here's some things which can cause leaks:

-Kick-panel vent seals
-windshield glass seal
-cracked body seam sealer
-where steering column supports bolt to cowl
-radio antena cable
-many spots can leak if water flows over the engine side of the firewall

Kick-panel seals are a likely cause for your 1 & 2. Number 3 could be steering column supports , radio cable, or water running down a heater cable. I went through this with my 65 a few months ago. The carpet, kick panels, pedals, firewall pad, and heat/ac stuff were removed. I had my wife pour water, while I watched for leaks. Start low, work up. The water is supposed to go from the cowl, around the sides behind the kick panels, and into the rockers. The winshield channel should drain into the cowl. Good luck, these can be a PITA. The leak was what started me down the path of taking all that stuff apart. My main trouble turned out to be where my AC duct passes through the passenger kick panel (64-67 are like this). --- Carl
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