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Re: Numbers Matching

Originally Posted by elcamino66 View Post
It would help to know what year the chevelle is.

Originally Posted by DaleM View Post
Except for 396 engines and L79 engines, blocks normally didn't get a partial VIN stamping until it became law as of Jan 1, 1968 and some plants in some years didn't stamp the engine pad but rather stamped the partial VIN by the oil filter.

Comparing the VIN to the trim tag will only get you in the ballpark comparing the body date to the sequence number to see if the date falls within the range. The trim tag style may or may not match the first 5 digits of the VIN (through 71) but they have very different meanings.

Where a partial VIN is stamped on a transmission depends on what type of transmission. Elcamino66 pretty much said it. What year is it, what type engine and where was the car built, and what kind of transmission?

With just the information supplied, it's like asking what's the difference between a horse.
Thanks I found out that the TH350 is not original to this car so the numbers matching is not as much of a concern anymore now that I know.

Originally Posted by DaleM View Post
Looking at the photos and verbiage, the transmission is a TH350 so it's not original to the car and the engine looks to be a later model or possibly a modified original 327. Intake is wrong, valve covers wrong, someone mentioned an HEI distributor, alternator on wrong side of engine. All-in-all, looks like a later model engine.

Not that there's anything wrong with the later engine and transmission but one must decide what 'numbers matching' is to them. To many sellers it means the VIN matches the registration meaning nothing else except it's a legal car. To others it means the paint and interior are correct. To most it means it has the car has the engine and transmission it was born with - this one does not fit that criteria.
Thank you. I am looking for a nice cruiser not a major project and not a 100pt show car. So the non orginal is ok as long as I know. I still like the 327 even though it may be a later model just which 327 it is and I will decode it once I see what the pad stamp and casting number is.

Thanks all of the advice it has been really helpful. Even thought the car is not orginal I have learned a lot in the last couple of days about what to actually look for.
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