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Re: 1970 SS Chevelle Stripe Delete

Originally Posted by zookpr View Post
THis discussion is interesting but all things considered there is no mention of options, original drivetrain, mileage, the quality of the REPAINT, etc. Since the car is a repaint this is merely academic. Whether it HAD strips or not will have no effect on the price. A repaint, is a repaint, is a repaint. I would focus on the other aspects of the car in establishing a value.
It is not quite academic for me... the reason being is I do not really want a non-stripe car so that will affect what I will want to pay for it. I know I can put stripes on it and I have no disrespect for people who do that but I won't. So I have to ask myself what will I be willing to offer in exchange for a no stripe car and having something not exactly perfect for me. If, as you allude to, the market doesn't distinguish a price so be it... however I still do for what I will pay for a factory stripe car vs. non stripe.

As for not asking the other details (options, born with drivetrain, mileage etc.) I understand all those things very well so I didn't need to
post anything or inquire on that. I just didn't understand the stripe system / RPO D88 / ZL2 consideration / Box 44 etc. for 1970 SS cars but now I do :-).
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