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I need to have my 65 Chevelle re-wired.
I have the old rusty fuse box and would feel better having something a little more modern. I've seen ads for Painless Wiring etc..
Anyone have any experiences with this product or similar? Suggestions?
I will have to get a shop to install it for me. Any idea on the cost for a shop to install one of these kits?
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Unless you have changed everything inside (like for drag racing) I would just order a new wiring harness form Ground Up or someone like that. They sell harnesses from M&H. I have purchased two. One for a 70 and one for my 67, plus several console harnesses. They are exact right down to the cigarette lighter ground ring. They are not difficult to install either, assuming you have ever removed a dash. I have the dash out of my 67 right now and I put a new harness in 2 years ago. If you are mechanically inclined and have some electrical experience you can do it. The Painless system is real good but must be custom wired. The harnesses are built but you nust terminate each switch and connector. I'd go with the replacement. It is much more "painless". Just make a matrix on paper of where the old stuff plugged in and mark the old harness. The colors in the new harness are correct and well worth the additional dollars.

Chuck Bonasera
Nor-Cal ChevelleCaminos
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I highly recommend M & H wiring harnesses.

Their site:

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I am putting an 18 circuit "Painless" harness into my 69 SS. It has not been painless for me! I will admit they have given me all the help I ask for and I am learning a lot about how the wiring works in the process but, I would not recommend you do one unless you have the ability to "read" factory harness diagrams. That is the biggest problem I had as I had never even seen a factory wiring diagram before I started and didn't understand how the factory circuits used grounds and switches. I will be a lot better on figurin' out any wiring after I am done!

Now, their harness is very high quality and I cannot say anything bad about it's design except...... the stupid tail for the dimmer switch is 4 inches too short.

Redrum (or Mike)
68 Corvette - 383 CI 427 HP
69 SS Chevelle being updated to Pro-Touring
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M&H, never heard of them before.
I'll check on their prices for my
65 Chevelle.
Thanks for the link and info.
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M&H makes most of the harnesses for all the repro companies. Their products are excellent and do exactly what they are intended to do. In addition, they will make modifications such as Internally Regulated alternator wiring and HEI wiring etc...

Their prices are reasonable and the service is good.

Hope it helps.

Steve Soltesz
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post #7 of 15 (permalink) Old Mar 6th, 01, 5:39 PM
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The 64/65 is fairly straight forward to install if you don't have air. Removing the instrument bezel and working the harness in through there gets most of it in. Save the money, get a schematic and give it a try. Easier than taking apart some 30 year old greasy engine.
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post #8 of 15 (permalink) Old Mar 7th, 01, 8:25 AM Thread Starter
Tech Team
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I'd give it a try if I wasn't so darn colored blind.
Maybe I can remove one wire at a time??

Is there any tricks to remove the bezel?
Hidden screws etc..?
I don't have AC.

Thanks for the feed back,
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post #9 of 15 (permalink) Old Mar 7th, 01, 9:01 AM
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Here is a link to a message thread that cover's how to remove the 64 dash etc...

Hope it helps.
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I've used M&H for a '65 Chevelle, and a '63 Nova SS conv. Their kits are easy to in stall. They will modify your harness for HEI, Internal Reg (as previously stated), they will also lengthen or shorten connectors to meet your specific needs. I've had good luck with them and their tech support is excellent. I'd consider buying from them direct. M&H (562)926-9552.

To install their harness, I'd disconnect the bat neg. Then I'd unbotlt the fuse box, install the new, then trace the wires (should be able to do by wire count and connector shape) and make the new connections as you go. I hate electrical work, but got a lot of satisfaction from doing it myself.

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One thing you have to consider is the cost of a shop doing it.I am doing a dash harness in a 67 elky almost as we speak, it's not that hard at all.On my 67 the back of the dash is marked where all the differant lights go, the rest is just match up the plugs. The only way I would'nt attempt it myself if I were you, is if you were not mechanically inclined AT ALL, or if you just don't have the time.I would say if you could do a tune-up, you could do this.Good luck
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I'll chime in with my recommendation for the M&H stuff. I bought the dash, engine, rear lamp, front lamp, console and courtesy light harnesses from them for my 1967 and all appears to be well. I will, however, admit that I'm not the one responsible for the install. My paint and body guy got that job.

1967 Chevelle
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What a timely topic for me!! I'm in the middle of restoring a 68 Camaro for my daughter, and am just at the point of putting in the wiring. I bought the car as a "basket case" and had seen the wiring in a box, but never looked at it very closely. Well, when I pulled it out, what a mess! Looks like the PO had removed it with a pair of wire cutters! I'm sure I could have respliced the wires, but more than 1/2 of the plugs were missing..

Remembering having read this thread, I called M&H, figuring it'd be 4-6 weeks to special order them, delaying things once more. Boy was I surprised that not only did they have what I needed in STOCK, they are shipping them to me today!!! And that includes the mods for the HEI and internal alternator.

Not "cheap", $$$ wise, but I guess I want instant gratification since I have to finish this car so I can start on my Chevelle. My gut feeling tells me that I'll be using them for my Chevelle project as well (another basket case I adopted...gotta quit that habit!!)
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Canuck64ss, thanks for the link. It will really help.
Wes, nice lookin rag top, goes nice here in Calif.
72sselcamino, you're right about the cost of having someone else doing it.
From all you guys and others I'm going to give it shot. What the hell I can always drag it to a shop if I mess up.
Thanks everyone for the input and words of encouragement.
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Re: Wiring Kits

you guys just helped me out alot! i was going to buy old wires untill you told me about this wire company.my 67 was missing alot of stuff.thanks again for this info.chevelle17
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