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post #31 of 39 (permalink) Old Jul 2nd, 00, 8:24 PM
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No one wants to see you leave, Dave. I won't tell you to be more tolerant of different opinions and of people with different ways of doing things, because I don't think it's my place to do so. Plus, I've never met you in person, so who am I to pass any sort of judgement? Your experience has been extremely valuable here, and there's no such thing as having too much experience. Too many opinions, maybe. But experience is priceless.
Remember, about four weeks ago I put out the call to no one other than IgnitionMan on Kevin Barry's post, the one where he's had nothing but holy hell with a Qjet that wouldn't idle right. Kevin had posted three seperate posts with hundreds of replies cumulatively and we had exhausted every possibility. There was a lot of experience in those posts trying to help him figure out why his carb was sucking fuel through the main jets at idle, so who did I call on when we all ran out of answers? That's what mechanics do when we're stumped. We try to tap someone else's brain when we're up against the wall. And when it was time for a fresh perspective on Kevin's problem, you were the first person I thought of.
You have become one of the familiar names on this site. So you and 1badrat had a disagreement. These things happen, even on this site from time to time. I know you've had your disagreements with others in the past and the best example is on the use of Pertronix Ignitors. And the points (no pun intended) you made in your arguments were valid ones, the most valid point being the one about the lack of availability of replacement parts out in the middle of nowhere. Or even in the middle of the big city for that matter. It's true, if the Pertronix burns out, you're stuck until you can get another one in the mail, unless you're lucky enough to have a distributor in the area like myself. Even then, good luck on weekends.
There are two schools of thought used by individuals when building engines. Some guys like to stick with what's worked in the past. That's OK, if it's not broke, don't fix it. Some guys, like myself, like to experiment, sort of like a mad scientist. You made some excellent points in favor of your HEI conversions. On the next 350 I'm wanting to build, I was planning on contacting you about one of your stock looking distributors. Even though I'm running a Pertronix in my engine now and have no complaints, like the mad scientist, I want to experiment a bit on the next engine I build. I'm not kissing arse either, I'm genuinely intruiged by the description of your system, and the widespread availability of replacement parts is a definite plus. So whether a person likes to stick with what's worked or whether they like to experiment in search of something that works a little better, it doesn't really matter because neither way is right or wrong.
People who know me know I'm not saying this to this to you to be an a## kisser and they know I'd never try to sweet talk you or anyone into doing something they didn't want to do. No sir. I try not to say anything to anyone unless I'm sincere. Besides, I don't think you're the kind who would respect a butt kisser. The point I'm trying to make is, I always try to keep an open mind, even when someone tells me something that contradicts a fact I've believed for a long time.
Your opinions are valued here. But there's always going to be those who disagree and those who have had different experiences. That's just the way it is with people. Whatever you decide to do is up to you. If you decide not to post here anymore, that's your decision and I will respect it. I would hate to see it happen, but I will respect it.
I've made this same pitch to several others who said they no longer intended to post here. In those cases they got bashed pretty bad in some posts and got some hateful emails. Basically I just told them to focus on the positive things about TC. With the number of registered users here, there will always be some dissention. So far, they have all continued to frequent this site. I hope you and 1badrat can move on and put this behind you. You're both good guys. Don't ask me how I know, I just know.

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Confounded @#& damn double &*# post!!!! I can't wait for that new computer to arrive.

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I'm sure no one wants to hear it, but never confuse arrogance with knowledge. I'm not going to mourn him.
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You know.....I just broke up a fight in the sand box between my 4 and 6 year old. It was a sort of "is so....is not....is so....is not...did so....did not....etc" . Guys, just end it!!!!
Your big grown ups and I don't need another sand box, life is to short.
I hope that we can all get back to playing nice and maybe we can have some cookies and milk later (or beer and pretzels) . Your all 'correct', if you want to discuss the details and subtle aspects of your posts take it off the board.
Man do I feel better!!!!
Thanks for the therapy session.

Team Chevelle #741
"But honey, I bought it because it's "fast, loud and it stinks".
69 chevelle

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Yeah, I just don't get it. But I'm a selfish SOB and don't give a ratsass about ego, I just want to learn.

Takes two to tango for sure. Never one party at fault.

Anyway, Thnx Dave for all the help, assistance and knowlwedge you gave to the site. And all you guys that were terminally embroiled in the pissingmatches with Dave Ray, you all better step up to the plate and fill his shoes. He dished out one helluvalot of help - well worth the trouble IMO.

Of course, not being an ego guy and still learning about auto tech, I never thought Dave Ray was trouble. Touchy. Yes. But maybe that comes from years of slogging through BS to find truth. Suppose you might become intolerant. But who effin cares if its the truth you seek.

IMHO the brouhaha had nothing to do with folks seeking the truth, which is really Randy's point.

Some of you may get your way, and make Dave leave. So I expect you to pick up the slack and help where he left off. Or isn;t your goal to provide the best help we can to fellow members?

Y'all will realize someday that you can be a much better person if you discard your egos.

The three T's if you recall are;

And they should guide our activities here at all times.

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post #36 of 39 (permalink) Old Jul 4th, 00, 7:58 AM
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That's a nice speech, Gene. But to me there's a difference between always being right--and just being convinced you are. A big difference. I can do without the "because I say so" routine. I come here for enjoyment, not to be beat over the head. If you wish to be someone's punching bag, that's your prerogative. I'll pass. As for egos, you got it backwards--we'd all have been better off if he had discarded his.

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Tech Team
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I don't want to get off topic about I-man, but I have to comment about the amps thing. At low speed HEIs don't draw alot of current because it is regulated by its circuits, and the dwell is variable. At high speed a HEI does run out of time to saturate the coil, but modern multiple coil computer controled cars cand acutally increase the current at high speed.
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post #38 of 39 (permalink) Old Jul 4th, 00, 11:52 AM
Senior Tech Team
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Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Posts: 4,904
Thank you Steve!!! And that gentlemen, is the reason this site exists, for the sharing of information and resources to preserve and maintain the Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino, GMC Sprint and the Canadian Beaummont. You didn't get off topic Steve, you actually helped right the ship!!
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I think just about everything has been said. This thread is no longer a technical information source, but opinions on disputes.

Let's give it a rest. Let's put opinions aside, and just give out technical information,---and for those seeking it, take in all information carefully as many of the replies are both based on actual experience, and sometimes personal thoughts. Sometimes the two can be hard to differentiate, but please no more "blame game".

If anyone would dispute one of my posts, I'm certainly not going to get enraged, I will simply post diagrams, explanations, etc, whatever it takes. If someone still disputes, and I know for a fact they are incorrect, I will simply let it be knowing in my mind what is correct and not worry about it as a personal attack.

Thank you.

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