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Originally Posted by bcice View Post
Tom, I took those pictures and I can assure you it is embossed into the dash as I said. It is not a " sticky tape" kind of thing as you suggest! Don't you ever accuse me of ever being dishonest!
Terry, you totally missunderstood my post. No need to get defensive. I never accused you of being dishonest.

The reference to two-sided tape was merely to further clarrify the type of emblem I was talking about. I can clearly see that the one in your photo is "embossed" in the dash.
It does not look like the type of badging attachment that GM would employ on any 1960s car to me. Most everything I can think of for that period was attached or molded like an 'outie bellie button'. Just like the Beaumont emblem on the glovebox.
I don't think it's out of the question that someone at one point in this car's 40 year life, removed the dashpad and craftily made a window for a Pontiac badge. That doesn't mean they were being dishonest either. People do all kinds of thing's to add character to their cars.
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