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Re: Spring Removal - Step By Step - With Pictures

I can see a floor jack moving like Von mentions, that poses a safety problem too but the chain .Like I said in my other post. Because the spring sits in a pocket it has very little chance of popping out at you unless it bounces down and if by some miracle has enough tension left on the rebound you may get injured. Unless you layed down right underneath the lower control arm your not going to be injured with the belief that a spring is going to come springing out at you like some cartoon. The real injury here is preventing yourself from getting injured from a control arm that comes swinging down violently from the pressure of the spring. If you choose to use a chain to help contain that, by all means, im not against it so dont get me wrong, there is no problem with extra safety measures to prevent the arm from slamming down and either damaging you or the arm itself.

But if you really want to get technical, many service manuals call to remove the inside bolts on the control and not bother with the ball joint in the first place until the spring is out. Which ends up coming out from the frame side and all the tension is towards the frame instead.

Also keep in mind that if you have a painted frame and suspension, a chain can put some pretty good scratches in a nice detailed finish.


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