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pdq67. The Impala bracket looks like a wide horseshoe and if you hold it like a horseshoe it looks the same both left and right, kinda like a mirror image. Both bracket holes are the same size and on the same plane. I hope I explained that o.k., if not let me know. The 70 Impala spindles are forged, have bolt on steering arms,and are both taller and bigger. I don't see anything compatible with ours. To BC. I found the Impala bearings are larger than ours, but the spindle length is the same in the bearing area. . I am going to see if I can find bearings to fit both the Impala rotor and our spindles. Need to check the grease seal too. As far as brackets go you will have to make something like pdq's flat bracket or extend the stock disc bracket. Jerry
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